March 17, 2008 08:11 PM

Update: Additional quotations and link to video added.

Originally posted March 14th: Despite speculation floating around since January, Minnie Driver says she never felt the need to make announcement. In an episode airing Monday, the 38-year-old actress tells Ellen,

I didn’t do an announcement because I’m not really an announcementgirl. I’m wearing red knickers. I’m also having a child,not really my thing. So I didn’t say anything.

Minnie did officially confirm the rumors on The Tonight Show last evening, and tells Ellen that she is "four months and a bit" along, giving her a late August/early September due date. Now that she’s announced, her next step is finding a good first name — it sounds as though the baby will be getting her last.

I have a pretty silly name. Driver is kind of a hard name to put with afirst name, particularly boys names … My friend sent me an email sayingI should call the baby Duncan Driver. Then I can call it Dunk Driver,Pile Driver, Rally Driver … I’mhoping for a girl [because the names will be easier]. I think it’s a girl.

Click below for Minnie’s reason for wearing loose dresses, to find out whether or not she wants to know the sex, and to watch the video.

Minnie shares that she’s decided to hold out for a delivery surprise.

I feel like it’s one of the last great mysteries of life. I don’t want to know. 

What about those rumors that she was buying girls clothes at crewcuts?

I was shopping for my niece! I was barely pregnant then!

As for her loose and flowy maternity style — a departure from her usually fitted clothes — Minnie says it’s all just a reaction to the genetic hand she was dealt.

Most of thewomen in my family get super girthy early on and I’ve got to say that’swhy I have this nice chiffon dress on. I’m fat!

Source: Ellen — watch the video here.

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