July 17, 2009 04:00 PM


Nothing ventured, nothing gained! During a recent appearance on The View, Minnie Driver recalled her week-long labor with Henry Story, 10 months. “He had such a big head,” the 39-year-old actress laughed. “It started, and then it stopped…he would begin to arrive, and then it would stop; It was completely insane.” At the end of her “longest journey ever,” however, the payoff was huge. “Yes, I would do it again,” she said. “It’s the greatest love affair of my life, with this baby.”

Henry was a “beautiful, unplanned” surprise, Minnie revealed, and although she is no longer involved with his father she harbors no regrets.

Minnie again offered scant details on the identity of Henry’s father, however, and defended on her decision. “My celebrity is not his celebrity and I don’t think you should have the attention dumped on an unwilling bystander,” she explained. “It’s not his [career] to have the paparazzi and [other] people in his business; I chose to do this, not him.” By staying mum, she said she hopes to protect both father and son.

Someone else who has become very important in Henry’s young life is Minnie’s dog Bubba, who took an instant liking to the newest member of the household.

It appears as though Henry has fans everywhere he goes! Minnie went on to reveal that while shooting Betty Anne Waters in Detroit, even the Teamsters working on the set were smitten. “They loved Henry,” she said. “They made him a local Teamsters jacket.” She recalled,

Betty Anne Waters hits theaters later this year.

Source: The View

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