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Updated May 08, 2008 08:14 AM

Due in late August with her first child, Minnie Driver is excited to discuss her pregnancy and all things baby; all that is, except for the identity of the father, although she does shoot down a rumor! The 38-year-old actress and musician, who doesn’t want to know the sex of her baby, spoke with The Independent — but not before devouring a cheese sandwich (it’s her biggest pregnancy craving, indulged at 11:30 am daily).

While Minnie has continued to stay mum on the father of her child, she let a few details slip out. He’s English, "sort of in the same business" as her, and is "really busy." Two things he isn’t: The Easter Bunny, as Minnie has previously claimed, or Craig Zolezzi, her San Francisco-based musician friend.

Click below to see if Minnie wants to get married, and where she hopes to have the baby.

Minnie revealed and she and her mystery man have no plans to tie the knot — at least not any time soon. For now, they’re more concerned with impending parenthood.

Another choice Minnie has debated is whether she will have the baby in the UK, where she is from, or in the US, where she currently works on The Riches. She hasn’t yet made a final decision.

Source: The Independent; Photo by Startraks.

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