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Updated July 03, 2008 03:30 PM

Almost all pregnant women go through the cravings stage — wanting anything from sweets, to pickles, to odd requests like mashed potatoes mixed with ice-cream — but for Minnie Driver, her only craving has been the color green! The 38-year-old actress — who expects her delivery surprise this August — can't get enough of green foods and goes as far as calling "green apples, and cucumbers, and snap peas" her newly acquired "obsession." Minnie — who is a bit surprised that she hasn't "had this huge appetite" — feels that "there's no room to eat tons of stuff" and blames her pregnancy-related desire to eat green foods on the little one camped out in her belly! Says Minnie,

Another delightful pregnancy trait? Minnie's new bloodhound-strength nose, which she calls a "bionic sense of smell that's hardcore." Admitting that pregnancy can cause normal smells to "become overpowering – like aftershave, perfume, and scented candles," she is thankful that she can now handle these smelly encounters without running to the bathroom. Apart from that, so far "it's been very peaceful."

Click below to see whether Minnie's baby's father will be involved, and why we should plan to see her "pudgy and fat" in Malibu!

Even though Minnie has been very open about her pregnancy, discussing it at length with the press, she is still mum on revealing the identity of her baby's father, explaining, "He's not in the public eye and he shouldn't have to deal with all that stuff. It really is private."While she is "taking full responsibility for being a mother" to herchild and the father "is going to be a dad … he will still play somepart," the actress — who calls herself "unorthodox" when it comes totying the knot — wants people to know that "I'm not married and I'mnot getting married to this person." And although she may not be sokeen on matrimony at this point in her life, Minnie is adamant aboutcreating "as happy and as loving an environment as I can."

One thing we can expect after the baby's arrival is for Minnie totake her time getting back to her pre-baby weight, especially as she does not plan to go back to work until January 2009. According toMinnie, the Hollywood idea of pushing yourself to the limit in order tofit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans is "the most unhealthy thing"and she finds it "horrifying that you should somehow get back into asize 2 a couple weeks after giving birth." Admitting that she doesn'tunderstand the "celebrity obsession of getting your pre-baby body backin the shortest time possible," Minnie goes on to jokingly preparepeople for her postpartum photos.

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