By peoplestaff225
Updated November 06, 2005 09:36 PM

You may remember our previous post detailing Ming-Na’s interview with People magazine. Now, she has also spoken to Us Weekly. Some highlights:

-The final name choice was up to Michaela, 4. They decided on Cooper or Lucas, but let Michaela decide which was her favorite. Dominic is the name of Cooper’s grandfather.
-Cooper was born 12 days early.
-Ming-Na has lost 20 of the 35 pounds that she had gained, thanks to her mom’s special ginger and Chinese brown sugar concoction. She will begin Pilates soon.
-Cooper eats at 5 am, then goes back to sleep for 3-4 hours. Ming-Na then brings Michaela to preschool, then spends the rest of the day "breastfeeding and changing diapers."
-Cooper has a dimple in the left side of his cheek, while Michaela has one on the right side. "They’re like ying and yang," says Ming-Na.

Source: US Weekly
Thanks to CBB reader Tara for the scans.