"I'll for sure get those people that just can't help but judge or say nasty things, but I'm going to be honest anyways," says Mina Starsiak Hawk
Mina Starsiak
Mina Starsiak Hawk
| Credit: Mina Starsiak/Instagram

Mina Starsiak Hawk is continuing to be candid about her body image after baby, and revealing plans for a tummy tuck she wants to have in the future.

The Good Bones star and new mom of two — who gave birth to daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Drew on Sept. 16 — opened up on Instagram Tuesday about how she's handling the changes to her body since giving birth via cesarean section again, admitting she doesn't feel empowered by her postpartum figure the way she feels pressured to.

"I don't lovingly embrace my post baby body, particularly my scar and the lovely 'shelf' that comes along with it," wrote Starsiak Hawk, 35, in part. "It doesn't remind me of my ability to grow a life for 10 months and then birth it ... my amazing kids do that! It reminds me that I was cut open and put back together in a way that doesn't feel like ME."

"And for some reason I feel bad about that. Bc I'm supposed to love my body no matter what and if I don't I'm not feminist enough or strong enough against societal norms," she continued. "But I don't. I don't love my scar or my shelf or my abdominal muscles that tore apart and will likely never go back together the same."

Starsiak Hawk (who also shares son Jack Richard, 2, with husband Steve Hawk) went on to say that she "could work out 7 days a week and live on salads and never drink wine with my husband" to attain a specific physical standard, "but who has time for that life?"

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Mina Starsiak Hawk
Mina Starsiak Hawk
| Credit: Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

The HGTV star cited her busy lifestyle that, aside from parenting, include multiple businesses, her "full time, year long TV show," her relationship with her husband and more.

"So for me, I won't prioritize the time to do what I want the 'right way,' to get my body to a place I feel like myself," Starsiak Hawk said. "Not my old body bc that's silly, but a new version of it that actually feels like me. Bc all of those other things in my life are more important than ME."

The mother of two noted that she "could do it all" if she "cheat(ed)," but added, "Lord knows I'll get judged for that as well" — so she has plans to "get a tummy tuck to fix my torn abdominal muscles and remove my tragic-looking scar," even though she feels pressure "to keep it a secret bc that's not what we should do as moms."

"But I want it and I've been debating for awhile about being honest about all of it," Starsiak Hawk continued. "I take pride in showing the REAL me on social media when so many people just show the pretty, happy, perfect version. This is me, the good, the bad and the ugly."

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"And most are wildly supportive of everyone doing what works for them, but I'll for sure get those people that just can't help but judge or say nasty things, but I'm going to be honest anyways. Bc that's what I value the most," she said.

The reality star is prepared for blowback, but wants her followers to know that she feels the alternative — i.e., pretending her body naturally looks the way it may after she gets cosmetic surgery — is much worse.

"Think of me what you will, but I'm least I'm being honest about it and not posting a beautiful picture on some beach in 6 months with a tummy that does NOT look like it carried a child and letting you all think it is and that it's something you all should be able to just work hard enough to obtain," she wrote.

Of the procedure's timing, Starsiak Hawk said, "It's not happening tomorrow, but it's happening and I'll share as much as I feel I can with you all along the way. So here's to keeping it real. For better or worse."