By peoplestaff225
Updated April 11, 2007 12:40 AM

If Haley Scarnato doesn’t get voted off American Idol tonight, she may have David Duchovny‘s son, Kyd Miller, 4 1/2, to thank for it. David told David Letterman on The Late Show that Miller has been a fan of Haley’s since David and Téa Leoni allowed him and sister Madelaine West, 8 on April 24th, to watch the show, although he didn’t initially start out as one.

As for Miller, at first he wasn’t a fan of the show or any contestant at all, which David knew from his seating on the couch or lack thereof.

Haley isn’t the only woman on Miller’s mind though. David says Miller "wants to marry my wife, which I think is normal at this age." West, though, has other creatures in her sights.

Asked how different he thinks an 8-year-old’s perspective is from a nearly 5-year-old’s, David says,

On a more serious note, David says he thinks it’s every parent’s hope to protect their children from all the bad things in life, although he realizes he can’t always do that.