A seemingly confident mother, who admits her daughter is “so into me right now,” Milla Jovovich certainly spent her expectant months preparing for the big responsibility. “When I was pregnant I read so many different books on parenting and philosophies on bringing up kids,” she reveals in Interview magazine. Although her search has not delivered a book that the first-time mom “really connected” with, she has created her own path down the journey of parenthood. “I find pieces from a lot of different ones that I relate to,” she confesses.

While Milla has yet to come across a book that completely satisfies her parenting goals, she was fortunate to find a Resources for Infant Educators (RIE) believer in actor William H. Macy, who has two daughters with his actress wife Felicity Huffman. Over lunch, Milla and Bill have been known to spend “half our conversation[s]” on alternative parenting methods, discussing and exploring approaches to parenthood. Intrigued by RIE, Milla finds the hands-off approach to raising children “really interesting,” as parents encourage their kids to “make decisions” on their own.

One area where Milla has skipped the parenting books and followed her own family’s experience is that of potty training her 16-month-old daughter Ever Gabo. “Russians are pretty serious about potty training,” she explains. True to her culture, the proud mama reveals she wasted no time with her baby girl, saying “we’ve had Ever on the potty since she was like, four months old.” Despite their pediatrician’s reservations, Milla “comes from a different place,” one which, she says, has allowed Ever to be well on her way to leaving her diaper days behind her. “Every time she drinks, every time she eats, like half an hour after, she’s on the potty,” notes Milla. “I just have to be super on it. I’m telling you…Ever will come up and be like, ‘Uh-uh-uh.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, potty?'” However, the model can’t help but joke about any lasting effects her parenting skills will have on her baby girl!

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Despite Milla’s recent comments that she will be holding off a bit until she gives Ever a sibling, when the time does come for the new addition, the 33-year-old’s partner, Paul W.S. Anderson, hopes to avoid having a little boy! Calling the act of raising a child “an arduous, convoluted road,” Milla admits that in the couple’s quest to avoid over-indulging Ever, they are actually denying their own inner childhood desires. “My husband is like, ‘Oh, thank God we didn’t have a boy, because there’s this train set that I’ve always wanted and these Star Wars spaceships…They say, ‘Don’t spoil your kids,’ but it’s one thing spoiling your kids, it’s another thing spoiling yourself,” says Milla.

While it still may be some time before the couple are prepared to take the plunge and add to their family, Milla is already comparing the benefits of being first born as opposed to one of the babies that follow.