June 27, 2007 03:17 PM

In an extended post on her website yesterday, Milla Jovovich shared with fans that she has begun to feel fetal movements from the baby girl she is expecting with Paul W.S. Anderson in November.  Milla now knows what all moms know; It is a feeling "like nothing else in this world." 

To imagine that little body forming, to see her in my mind nestled inside me, floating in her own little self-contained eco-sphere makes me feel so special.  Like I know some incredible secret about life that always eluded me in the past.  My little tiny baby just right there, no matter what I do or where I go, she is always right there and now I can feel her.

Before she could detect fetal movements, Milla says that the pregnancy — her first — didn’t always seem real to her, despite the obvious physical changes taking place within her own body.  With baby girl growing by the day, however, Milla says that the reality of impending motherhood is firmly in place.

Her movements are so present — like something turning in my belly, doing somersaults or something — that I can’t help but start dreaming about our future together and all the things I want to show her.  I want to be there for her whenever she needs me, I want to take her all over the world and show her all the amazing places through my eyes, especially Mongolia, Peru, Nepal.  Places that will give her a totally different view of reality.  I want her to be in yoga and martial arts classes from, like, birth!  I don’t ever want her to know what being stiff feels like!  I want to take her up into the mountains in the snow, I want her to climb pyramids and love this earth, so she can help the next generation preserve it. 

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Milla, already a yoga enthusiast, recently began taking prenatal yoga classes and so far the experience has been "really great."

Besides sharing funny stories with other moms, it’s really given me a chance to spend some quality time each day focusing on my growing body and my daughter.  It’s weird but when you get really busy sometimes, days go by and you realize that you haven’t really spent much time just focusing on what’s going on with you.  So I needed to just create time for myself to just stop everything.  Besides the fact that my lower back is killing me and it feels so good to stretch and get my blood flowing through all the sore bits!  I highly recommend it for any mommies or mommies-to-be who might be reading this!

Milla’s mom is very excited to meet her new granddaughter, and has even written the unborn baby a letter, according to Milla. 

I told her I was kind of jealous.  I mean, she never wrote ME such a sweet and thoughtful letter!  lol!  I feel if I’m not careful, I might not see my child ’til she’s in college, unless it’s in a movie or a magazine of course because granma is sure that my daughter will be a movie star!  lol!  she’s a good soul, my mom, and she means well, as long as my daughter is happy, granma is welcome to enroll her in an acting class!  lol!  but, there will be no forcing of any career on my child if she doesn’t want it.

Source:  MillaJ.com 

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