Milkscreen: A Little Peace Of Mind For Nursing Moms Who Imbibe

When Danielle asked me to test and review Milkscreen ($6) I agreed without really thinking it through first. In order to fulfill my professional responsibilities I was going to have to have a couple of cocktails and test my breast milk for alcohol. It’s a rough gig but somebody has to do it.

So in the name of research Dear Hubby and I got a sitter and went out for dinner and drinks. When we got home I used the test and was relieved that I’d, A, pumped a bottle for the baby earlier in the day, and B, designated my husband to drive home. The company developed the test because every mom’s metabolism works differently. I so seldom drink these days that one cocktail and two glasses of wine over three hours was enough to virtually pickle my milk.

The test comes with three test strips and is so simple to use. It only takes a tiny drop of milk so there’s no reason to haul out the pump in your condition, unless you’re like me and you want to pump and dump. Wait two minutes and compare the test strip to the color card in the box. I used another strip when we woke up and got the all-clear for Baby’s breakfast.

Pros: A nice tool for peace of mind if you’d like to have a drink now and then.
Cons: The box should come with a couple of ibuprofen tablets for good measure.

— Kristen

Note from Danielle: There’s no reason to pump and dump unless you’re extremely intoxicated and will be nursing immediately. If you aren’t plannning to nurse your baby until the morning, the alcohol will clear itself out of your system (meaning your bloodstream and milk) by morning.

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