Milk Bottle Manicure Is a New Nail Trend — and the Nail Art Actually Squirts Real Milk

The acrylic nail design actually holds a white liquid similar to milk or formula

Kylie Jenner fans have taken creative inspiration from her daughter Stormi for their nail art while other moms have honored their children with sonogram-printed nails. And now, a new baby-themed nail trend is the milk bottle manicure that contains real milk.

A manicurist in Moscow, Russia, recently shared a video tutorial of an acrylic nail design that actually holds a white liquid similar to milk or formula.

With a metallic white base on the nails and a thin blue stripe worn one-third of the way down the nail, the nail art shows tips of the nails looking similar to bottle nipples which were pierced in order for the liquid to drip out.

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Many were admiring the creativity of this buzzed-about nail trend.

“Never running out of milk again when it’s at the tip of your fingers,” one user wrote in the comments section of the how-to video on Instagram.

“I mean I understand the hate but you gotta give these guys props for being artsy and experimental. Still though I feel like at best these acrylics would be form over function,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, others called the milk bottle manicure a bizarre art with several commenters writing, “Wtf?”

“That’s rotten,” one user wrote. “That’s disgusting,” another fan said.

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