May 04, 2016 01:30 PM

Mila Kunis has become quite the Family Guy (er, gal)!

In a CinemaCon interview for her ironically titled upcoming comedy Bad Moms, Kunis shared with her fellow cast mates — all of whom are moms in real life as well — and Entertainment Tonight how becoming a parent to 19-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle has changed her late-night habits.

“I can let loose as much as I want, but at 6:45 in the morning, she’s awake and so am I,” Kunis explains. “[She doesn’t] care if I let loose the night before, so I can only let loose so much, to be honest … I don’t know what letting loose means. Probably not going to sleep at 9:30!”


Kunis, 32, admits how different her life is now that she’s in her 30s and in the thick of a new phase of her life — not only as mom to Wyatt, but wife to her former That ’70s Show costar Ashton Kutcher, 38, whom she married last July.

“I re-prioritized my life, in all honesty,” Kunis said. “I traveled through all my 20s, and I was very selfish — in a good way, not, like, in a way that I regret. In a great way. And I think having a kid made me realize how incredibly selfless I want to be.”

According to Kunis, becoming a mother has changed not only the way she lives her life, but her outlook on what’s important to her now.

“[Parenting is] great, but it does change the way you look at life and [whether] what you do is something worth doing instead of being with your kids. It does balance it out.”

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And though this new adventure hasn’t been without its challenges and habit overhauls, Kunis makes it clear that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I would never trade it for [anything]. Ever ever,” she says. “But I know that when we decided to have a kid, we were ready to no longer be selfish — at least start the process. Because innately, as humans, we’re very selfish people, and we really wanted to have a family.”

She adds, “Having this little human to raise … it was a balancing act, and then you learn how to be a great partner, and a great wife, and a great woman, and be yourself, and still be responsible for a living child. It’s definitely a learning process.”

Bad Moms opens July 29.

Jen Juneau

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