Name talks, birth plans and nesting: the parents-to-be readying for their first child
Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty

Grocery trips, walks with the dogs and PDA at family-friendly baseball games – it’s safe to say that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are in full nesting mode.

“Ashton has been taking such good care of Mila,” says a source of the couple, who will welcome their daughter – yes, it’s a girl! – later this year.

“He’s doting on her and telling her she looks beautiful. He understands she’s going through changes and he hasn’t judged her for it.”

The parents-to-be, who began discussing names “right away” (and have since found the perfect one) also plan to move to new digs when the timing is right, says the insider. “They want to move and have more space and security for the baby.”

In the meantime, Kunis, 30, is staying fit with prenatal Pilates, yoga and spinning. “Mila seems determined to stay healthy during her pregnancy,” says a Kunis insider.

As far as the delivery, Kunis who is planning for a natural birth, has been meeting with doulas to discuss options – and Kutcher, 36, is on board. Says the source, “Ashton supports her 100 percent.”

No matter how she enters this world, it seems the couple’s first child will be a Daddy’s girl.

“Ashton was meant to be a father,” says the source. “It’s all he can talk about!”