Debbie VanStory/Abaca

The accidental death of Mike Tyson‘s daughter Exodus at the age of 4 very nearly sent the legendary boxer down an angry road he’s traveled many times before. “I started to go about this in the wrong direction…just going to this place and start blasting,” he explained during a Monday visit to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Relying on all he has learned in rehab, however, Mike says that he changed course. “It just kicked in — boom!– [I started] going about it responsible, doing what has to be done.” Mike, 43, adds,

As for what happened that tragic day — Exodus was strangled on a treadmill cord, according to police — Mike says that the less he learns, the better. “I don’t want to know what happened, because if I know, then somebody is going to be to blame and if somebody is to blame for it there’s going to be a problem,” he explains.

When host Oprah Winfrey agreed with Mike that Exodus is now “an angel” in heaven, Mike admitted that he sometimes has doubts. “I don’t know, Oprah,” he replied. “I would like to believe that; It sounds great.”

That said, in the difficult days and weeks after Exodus’ death, and in the years to come, Mike said he’ll be relying on his wife Lakiha Spicer and his remaining children.

— Missy