June 27, 2015 06:30 PM

When you receive parenting advice from President Barack Obama — you take it.

And that’s exactly what comedian Mike Birbiglia and his wife Jen Stein did.

The Orange Is the New Black star revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that Obama was the first person they told his wife was pregnant.


Birbiglia, who brought a small notebook on the show with Obama’s advice jotted down, says the president told him the baby’s “poo doesn’t smell like adult poo. Also, when you bring them home they’re going to sleep a lot. Don’t freak out. Sometimes the nursing doesn’t work out right away. It’s a little bit wonky. And babies crave structure.”

The proud new dad, to 7-week-old daughter Oona, told PEOPLE at Upright Citizen Birgade’s Del Close 17th Annual Marathon in New York City on Friday he uses all of Obama’s advice.

“Actually all the time we’ll say ‘Barack Obama once told me…’ which who gets to say that?” Birbiglia tells PEOPLE.

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Aside from receiving parenting advice from the president himself, Birbiglia says the best part about being a new dad is looking into his baby girl’s eyes.

“When you look into her eyes, you’re seeing heaven or something — you’re seeing into another world,” he says. “She’s the closest to being from another place from anyone you’ll ever meet. She’s like weeks old and she’s seen things that never of us will ever remember.”

— Jessica Fecteau
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