by auditioning contributor Kristin

Shortly after the October birth of her daughter Matilda Rose Ledger, we all learned that Michelle Williams was going to return to work, while Heath Ledger took time off from his career to be a SAHD (stay-at-home-dad). Interview Magazine was lucky enough to grab some of this busy actress’ time with an in-depth interview. Michelle discusses her role in Brokeback Mountain, and how she’s managing her new life as a working mom. When asked if she’s had time to reflect on the busy months that have passed, she sighs and answers sincerely.

"It’s been hectic since she [Matilda] was a month old. It seems like nearly every day there’s been something that didn’t involve just the three of us. But through it all, from every morning when we all wake up together to every night when we all go to bed together, I feel like I’ve only been getting closer to him and her. I don’t feel like any of it has taken me truly away. It’s been such a learning curve to work and to be a mother. My mother didn’t do that, so I don’t have a reference for it. It’s certainly a worthwhile balance, but I started off with too much ambition doing all this press. I thought that my body had healed from the delivery, so I made the mistake of saying yes to doing all these things and ended up feeling so anguished to be away from her-and crying as a result. Your body tells you all this. You know, the milk’s coming in, your mind’s not your own anymore-or your vocabulary or your memory. It’s all because you’re thinking about one thing-the welfare of your child. So I get constant reminders. Now we kind of have a little system going, a little understanding of what we all need."

Michelle is said to be working on post-production film Bronte, directed by Angela Workman.

Source: Interview magazine via Michelle Williams Online