By peoplestaff225
Updated March 18, 2005 03:35 PM

Singer Michelle Branch is so nervous about giving birth to her first child
this August, she’s refused to read any baby books. She says she’s currently managed to steer clear of baby books, explaining, "We’ve been putting it off. The other day I said to Teddy [her husband], ‘I think we’re supposed to come up with a birthing plan or something.’ I’m too scared to face reality. I’m anxious."

One thing Michelle has already embraced is a brand new diet. She adds, "I used to be a steak girl – now I can’t even look at it. All I eat is fruit and sweets. The other day I said, ‘Can we go to New Orleans right now and get some beignets?’"

Um, Michelle better get with the program and soon otherwise she’s going to have some problems. A diet of all fruit and sweets is not good for anyone, especially a pregnant woman! Has she heard of gaining too much weight, the possibility of developing gestational diabetes, feeling sluggish because she’s not eating right on top of not giving her baby what it needs .

I can understand not wanting to read TOO much about labor because some of those books can scare the shit out of you, but she’s going to need to prepare herself. You know, maybe take a Lamaze class or something?

What advice do you have for Michelle? What non-scary books or videos do you recommend?