"Next steps is to have her respond to orders like, 'squeeze my fingers,' 'Give me a thumbs up' ... to see if she withdraws from pain," Ryan Money shared

By Jen Juneau
April 08, 2020 02:05 PM

Michelle Money and her ex Ryan Money‘s daughter, Brielle, is showing some major progress.

On Tuesday night, Ryan revealed their 15-year-old’s latest milestones on her path toward recovery following a skateboarding accident late last month, including getting her off of her primary medication as she continues to be under a medically induced coma.

“Propofol has been the main medication that they have been giving to deal with the pressure in her brain. When the pressure spikes they usually bolster with the propofol,” he captioned an outdoor black-and-white photo of Brielle. “TODAY they got her off of the propofol, which is HUGE news.”

For now, “They will still have to keep her sedated because she has the Bolt/Sensor, the Drain, and the breathing tube,” Ryan added, sharing that Brielle is still taking “Dilaudid (pain management), Versed (lessen agitation and anxiety), and Vecuronium,” the latter of which is “the paralytic.”

Michelle Money's Ex Ryan Money Gives Post-Surgery Update on Daughter Brielle's Brain Swelling
Credit: Ryan Money/Instagram

“Just spoke with the Nurse and Michelle, they said that [Brielle] is already moving and at times trying to open her eyes,” he continued. “I can’t believe it; Brielle is trying to wake up. We have been without our Brie for over a week and so we are overjoyed by this and cannot wait!!!!!”

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Michelle Money
Michelle Money (L) and daughter Brielle
| Credit: Michelle Money/Instagram

“Next steps is to have her respond to orders like, ‘squeeze my fingers,’ ‘Give me a thumbs up,’ ‘can you open your eyes,’ etc, or to see if she withdraws from pain, like pinching her feet or hands,” he wrote.

Despite “a slight bout of pneumonia” in which Brielle’s “lungs are going to need assistance for a bit,” Ryan says the former couple are encouraged by their daughter’s milestones. “We are so happy, though, with this progress and can’t wait to see her open her eyes. We are so excited!!!!” he concluded his post.

Ryan’s update came hours after Michelle, 39, shared a video compilation of photos and clips of Brielle, created by her friend Jessie Miller. She also posted a photo of herself holding up a bag of Brielle’s brain fluid, which had been drained from her daughter’s head to relieve the pressure on the teen’s brain.

“Brielle’s CPI is still in the teens BUT we are getting her off Propofol today!” Michelle wrote atop a photo of medical equipment. “She’s down from 175 to 40 right now and heading down 10 more every hour! Next to go will be the paralyzing agent! Then the bolt in her head then the other sedatives. This is a 4 day – 2 week process apparently!”

Brielle was first hospitalized on March 29 after being found by some neighbors, who placed the life-saving call to 9-1-1. She underwent surgery the next day.

Exactly one week later, Michelle said in an emotional video that she was “eternally grateful” for the neighbors, and gave an update on how doctors were monitoring Brielle’s brain pressure.

“This is the number we are watching, which monitors her pressure,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum wrote atop a photo of a monitor showing a 17 level before updating her followers two hours later, showing that it had lowered to 10. “We want it to be under 20. Last night it was around 30-35 for longer than we wanted. If we can [get] this number to stay around 15 we believe things will start calming down.”

Last week, Michelle expressed her regret at not being more strict when it came to Brielle wearing a helmet, saying in a video shared to Instagram, “I hope this can be a strong reminder to make it your job to parent first. They will love you eventually. Keep them safe first. In all aspects. Put the helmet on.”