Why Michelle Money's Daughter Brielle, 15, Is 'Grateful' for Accident: 'I've Learned So Much'

"If nobody had told me I was in a coma, I wouldn't know," Michelle Money's daughter Brielle added in a Tuesday Q&A session with her mom

Michelle Money daughter Brielle
Michelle Money (R) and daughter Brielle. Photo: Michelle Money/Instagram

Michelle Money's daughter Brielle is well on her way to recovery — and has learned a lot since her skateboarding accident and subsequent hospital stay seven weeks ago.

On Tuesday, the 15-year-old joined her mom for a 14-minute Instagram Q&A session, where she opened up about the March accident and how it has changed the way she thinks about her life now.

"I do think people would look at what happened and think, 'Oh, this must be awful' ... but it's been so positive," she said. "I think I've learned more from this experience more than anything else that I've been through. It's been great. I've learned to focus on school and to learn the path to get to where I want to end up in the future. I want to go to Stanford. I need to think about what steps I need to take to end up there."

"And I wasn't thinking about that before this happened, so I'm really grateful that this happened. I'm sure it was so hard for my parents, but for me it's been nothing but positive," Brielle said. "There are a little hiccups that are hard to deal with, but for the most part, it's been great. I've learned so much."

Agreed the Bachelor in Paradise alum, 39, "Her perspective has totally shifted."

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Brielle also went into details about the accident, recalling of the parts she remembers, "I was riding on my longboard, up in the mountains. I was going down a really steep hill and I went over [a manhole] ... from what I heard, I lost my balance and fell but I couldn't tell you, really."

Money revealed that as a result of the accident, her daughter hit her head on the cement — which bruised the left side of her brain and pushed the right side of the brain over to the left side — and cracked her skull.

Now, almost two months later, "I'm doing so good," Brielle said, sharing that she had finished physical therapy. "Now I'm just in occupational therapy and speech therapy."

According to her mom, the teen is "on track to have a full recovery" in about six months.

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One of the strangest parts of the ordeal, Brielle said, was remembering so little of what happened, although bits and pieces are starting to come back here and there.

"If nobody had told me I was in a coma, I wouldn't know. I don't remember that day [of the accident] or the day before," she said. "I do remember almost a week while I was in [the hospital], but it's just little pieces. But it's still kind of just a weird feeling. A month of my life is just gone. It's really weird."

For now, Brielle and her parents (Money and her ex, Ryan Money) are taking her recovery as it comes and focusing on being grateful for the progress the teenager is making.

"It's crazy — I've been improving day by day. At a really fast rate, too," Brielle said. "So it's been great. ... I think my memory [of being in the hospital] is coming back."

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