By peoplestaff225
Updated November 01, 2009 09:00 AM

As actress Michelle Monaghan’s daughter Willow Katherine nears her first birthday, her next big milestone — walking — has been delayed by that nasty cold that’s going around. And Michelle admits she’s dealing with baby’s first bug is considerably less joyous than those much-anticipated first steps.

“Oh, God — she’s been sick for the last week and it’s been hell!” the actress — who’s gathering rave reviews for her performance as a tough mom in the indie film Trucker – told Celebrity Baby Blog. “She’s almost getting ready to walk and so we’re just sort of waiting for her to get over her sickness so that she can take her first steps.”

Michelle admits that as Willow’s first birthday approaches on November 5th, this is mom’s first time tending her daughter through a rough illness — “And there’s nothing sadder than a sick little girl,” she said with a pout.

— Scott Huver