Michelle Collins limits daughter's television viewing

Michelle Collins may make a living as an actress, but the Brit is worried about letting daughter Maia, 11, watch too much television.

I definitely won’t allow a TV in her bedroom. We were watching the Sunday omnibus of ‘Eastenders’ one day and I was horrified by the language and aggressive content. In my day, the omnibus edition was edited of all violence and language because we knew children might be watching.

She seems to like crime shows but I turn the TV off or make her go to bed when anything gory comes on. It’s the same with shows like Big Brother, where the behavior and language is unpredictable. You have to monitor what children watch because a lot of it is unsuitable and disturbing.


Continue reading to see what Michelle says about dating and if she is protective of Maia.

Michelle, 44, has been acting since a young age, but that doesn’t mean that she wants the same thing for Maia.

It worries me because I want to shield her from the rejections she might face. She’s a lot more sensible and grown up than I was at her age, so I’m sure she’ll make the right decisions.

Some may say that Michelle is protective of her daughter, but there is a reason for that. Maia is her whole world.

Yes, she’s the love of my life. We have girlie days where we’ll go to the movies and have pedicures. I’m also taking her to a Rihanna concert. It might be a bit embarrassing for her to have her mum with her, but there’s no way I’d let her go to a concert on her own! I wasn’t allowed to go to pop concerts at her age. When I was 15, my mum grounded me for going to see David Essex.

Michelle has never married and is very careful when in relationships, because of the impact it could potentially have on Maia.

She’s very happy with our situation. As a single parent you have to be careful when you enter a new relationship. Your children should always come first and Maia does.

Source: Hello! Magazine, March 18th issue, pgs 118-121.

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