Michael J. Fox talks about kids and Parkinsons

Michael J. Fox appears in PEOPLE magazine this week, to talk about his struggle with Parkinsons Disease and the effect, or little effect, it has had on his family. The actor says that he is "so blessed with a great family" and that they all know his condition so well that it is barely mentioned; "they know it so intimatley."

Having Parkinsons has also been a lesson learned for his and wife, Tracy Pollan’s four children, Sam, 17, twin girls, Aquinnah and Schuyler, 11 and Esme, 5. Michael adds that the thing it has taught his children is resiliance; "and that’s a great lesson and a great gift i’ve been avle to give them."

However, the effect the disease does have on

his body includes; "I have less control over the way my body moves…the thing that gets tougher as you go along is that the medication gets less effective and has more side effects…so it’s alot more challenging."

The family continue to live their lives to the fullest; "going out to dinner and to movies and travelling and going on vacations…this time of the year what we do is supervise homework, and get kids to the bus, music lessons, soccer practice and ballet…just all the regular stuff."

Michael is currently campaigning for candidates who support embryonic stem-cell research; "I feel this is a really unique opportunity for me to help out and try to effect change."

Source: PEOPLE, also photos with permission

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