Michael Douglas & son's beach adventure

Actor Michael Douglas and his five-and-a-half year old son Dylan had an interesting encounter on their recent beach vacation to Majorca, Spain. Michael was stung by a jellyfish across his back and asked Dylan to urinate on the sting to relieve the stinging– a common folk remedy. According to Michael, Dylan was far from grossed out by the request. "He looked at me like he’d gone to heaven. He was like ‘This is what I call a good summer holiday! Pee-pee on daddy’s back!‘"

Did it help? Michael says he doesn’t know, and jokes he may be revisiting the incident in 20 years, "when Dylan’s in therapy!" No word on what the women in the family– mom Catherine Zeta-Jones and three-year old daughter Carys Zeta— thought of the pee-culiar story.

Source: Monsters & Critics

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