By peoplestaff225
Updated July 30, 2007 01:27 PM

You are not going to believe how cool and how compact the Mia Moda Cielo stroller is! This is a great option for travel and quick in and out of the cars. The quick, compact fold (it even comes with its own travel bag with shoulder strap). You might even be able to put this in the overhead bin. No more checking your stroller and worrying about how they might mangle it. As someone whose had her stroller hood bent and almost destroyed on a flight last September, I worry about my stroller if I gate-check it.

With the Cielo, I could fold it up and carry it on board in a stroller bag if I prefer. Or gate checking it in its travel bag (included) is also a good option. I am notoriously bad at following directions, but I was able to quickly figure out how to fold the Cielo up.

Weighing in at 15.5 pounds (it feels much lighter), you’re going to adore this compact little ride. The

truly one-handed push is smooth and the steering is excellent. Ben had enough room, but since there were no sides to the seat, I was a little worried that his legs might splay off the sides. Surprisingly they didn’t. AND THE SUSPENSION IS TERRIFIC!! You could actually use this this for long walks.

You should always make sure your child is securly fastened in the Cielo’s 5 point harness. The back wheels are larger than the front wheels, so I could imagine this stroller doing well down subway steps. The stroller is appropriate from 6 months of age and won’t take a car seat. I really liked the basket – it attached to the back of the stroller, rather than underneath. But I would have added an under basket also. I think that would have been very easy and compact to do.

There is no child tray, but for quick trips, you can always attach a bottle holder to a cup, bottle or snack cup. The brake is easily engaged – its in the bottom of the stroller, in between the back wheels. The sunshade is adequate (it could be better). But you could always buy a tie-on stroller shade or a uv protective wrap. I also wish it had come with a raincover (but it did come with a travel bag, which is rare).

I really adored this stroller. So did my son. Prices range between $119 to $149. To buy it for yourself, click here.