Portraying sculptor Louise Nevelson on stage in Edward Albee’s Occupant allows actress Mercedes Ruehl to "poignantly and deeply" examine the relationship between "mothers and sons." It’s a dynamic Mercedes, 60, knows well.

Mom via adoption to an 11-year-old son named Jake, Mercedes herself had a son 33 years ago who was adopted. In 1996, aided by a private investigator, Mercedes tracked down the then 21-year-old whom she later learned was named Chris by his adoptive family. Mercedes recently revealed in an interview with the New York Times that when asked whether he was willing to meet his birth mom, Chris replied "anytime, anywhere, any day." Within a week, the mother and son duo were reunited in a Boston hotel room. Recalled Mercedes of that first meeting,

Now, Mercedes said she and Chris — who plans to see Occupant soon — share a "powerful relationship," with Chris filling the role of Jake’s godfather. She added,

Jake is Mercedes son with longtime partner, artist David Geiser.

Source: The New York Times; Photo by Brian Ach/

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