Melissa Rivers Regrets Having Only One Child: Being a Mom Is the 'Best Thing I've Ever Done'

"I miss that sweet, snuggly little boy who loves his mommy," Melissa Rivers tells PEOPLE of her son Cooper, who's now 16

Melissa Rivers has been a mom for 16 years now. And while she’s extremely proud of her son Cooper, she does have one regret.

“My biggest regret as a parent was not having more children,” the Fashion Police host, 49, admits to PEOPLE. “I wish I had more.”

” ‘Cause I love it — I love being a mom,” adds Rivers, whose son’s father is her ex-husband John Endicott. “I always tell him it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, just having him.”

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Melissa Rivers Shares Why She Regrets Only Having One Child

Rivers — who lost her mom, legendary Hollywood personality Joan Rivers, in 2014 — confesses that she’s a pretty strict person, but when it comes to her son, she can’t help being a little soft on him.

“I’m always like, ‘Okay, you don’t have to go to bed. Okay, you can have whatever you want. Okay, well I knew you wanted it, so I went ahead and got it.’ ”

“We’re both terrible at — and my mom was, too — when you buy someone a gift, not saving it for the actual event. So we’re always just like, ‘I got your birthday gift!’ ‘Oh, can I have it now?’ ‘Okay!’ We’re both terrible at that!”

Rivers shares that her son makes her laugh constantly, and that they “get a really bad case of the giggles” together a few times a week. But she sheds a tear over Cooper often, too — just because he’s growing up.

“I swear to God he makes me cry every day, he’s a teenager and he’s leaving his mother!” Rivers says. “I miss that sweet, snuggly little boy who loves his mommy.”

“And I know it’s still in there, but you know … he’s flappin’ those wings trying to get out of the nest,” she continues. “And I’m wrapped around those little legs going, ‘Don’t leave me!” ”

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Cooper takes after his mom in one huge way, she admits, in “negotiating everything.”

“He’s funny and he’s sarcastic, and I always say at least he comes by it honestly,” Rivers says. “But he’s having to learn that what will be funny [one day] maybe isn’t so funny coming out of a 16-year-old. You gotta know the room. Sarcasm doesn’t always play.”

And what inspires Rivers to live a healthy lifestyle? Her son, of course.

“Cooper’s an athlete,” she says. “So I think that sort of inspires all of us. We live in Los Angeles, so we really do embrace a healthy lifestyle in general.”

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