April 08, 2016 02:00 PM

Melissa McCarthy‘s younger daughter Georgette does not want to take karate classes.

In a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Boss star shares her 6-year-old’s latest antics.

McCarthy, 45, says she asked Georgette what she wanted for breakfast one morning and received a strange answer.

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“We were not on any kind of topic that she brought up and I’m trying to get an answer out of her as I’m, like, getting breakfast together,” McCarthy tells host Ellen DeGeneres in the upcoming episode. “And she goes, ‘I don’t want to take karate classes!’ Which we’re already like, ‘What?’ “

“And she goes, ‘I just want a guy I can kick and punch!’ “

McCarthy says she and her husband, Ben Falcone, vowed to “figure out what that’s about” and questioned little Georgette.

“Finally, we got it out of her that she wanted one of those, like, sparring dummies, that you, like hit and punch with,” she says, adding: “But I’m not sure if she really meant that.”

The actress, who’s also mom to 8½-year-old Vivian, adds of her younger daughter’s often “militant” outbursts: “She was, like, a vigilante in her first life. For sure.”

–Char Adams

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