"[My sons are] losing a lot of teeth right now. The Tooth Fairy has come a whole bunch," the actress told PEOPLE.

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Updated December 02, 2020 11:59 PM

With three growing boys — and a lot of loose teeth — Melissa Joan Hart jokes her wallet is taking a big hit.

“[My sons are] losing a lot of teeth right now. The Tooth Fairy has come a whole bunch,” the actress, 38, told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie, The Santa Con, which she both directed and stars in.

“I’m going broke — she’s going broke!”

Fortunately, the mom-of-three braved the crowds and saved a few bucks during the Black Friday shopping sales. “I spent three hours at Walmart on Thursday. On Thanksgiving evening,” Hart, who stars in the company’s holiday commercial, shares.

Melissa Joan Hart Family The Santa Con premiere

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And while Mason Walter, 9 next month, and Brady Hart, 6½, are giving Hart a run for her money, lately it’s been her youngest, 2-year-old Tucker McFadden, who’s constantly keeping his mama on her toes.

“Tucker is starting to get very spunky,” she says. “He’s got a lot of sass to him right now. A lot of talking back. A lot of his own opinions.”

She adds, “That’s fun and interesting, but it’s hard not to laugh and make it a habit.”

Despite all the hustle and bustle of her three boys, Hart admits the family’s holiday plans — which include a traditional trip to Tahoe for Christmas — will likely be low-key.

“We always have lots of family around so this will be the first time it will really just be about [husband, Mark Wilkerson] and our kids,” she says.

While Hart welcomes the change, it will take some getting used to.

“It’ll be [an] exciting, calm, quiet, peaceful Christmas … which is weird because that doesn’t really seem like Christmas to me,” she adds. “Christmas is chaos and family and lots of food and lots of people.”

But Christmas has come early for Hart: her directorial debut feature film, The Santa Con, starring Hart and actor Barry Watson, premieres Dec. 13 on Lifetime.

“I was terrified and thrilled. I wanted to showcase more storytelling,” Hart told PEOPLE while enjoying the premiere party, sponsored by Nutrisystem. “I really think we pulled off a great Christmas movie in the middle of summer in Connecticut.”

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