January 03, 2013 06:00 PM

As a mom of three boys, Melissa Joan Hart knows all too well how to tackle even the toughest brotherly love.

But for her sons Mason Walter, 7 next week, and Brady Hart, 4½, it’s more often a lesson that love, well — hurts!

“They are boys, for a minute they are best friends and it’s usually 20 minutes and then it’s full on wrestling,” the Melissa & Joey star, 36, joked while cohosting Thursday’s Anderson Live.

“Then I have to pull them apart because the youngest one is always going to get hurt.”

Between her time spent overseeing her boys’ sibling bonding sessions and late night feeds with the family’s newest addition, 3-month-old Tucker McFadden, Hart is feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

“I am a little exhausted. I have not [slept] a solid night. Two hours at a time,” the actress says. “It’s a loud house, it’s a very busy busy house.”

Courtesy Melissa Joan Hart

And she’s about to get even more caught up in all the commotion; The actress’s New Year’s resolutions include taking a time out from her phone and concentrating more on her kids. “[Brady] will be talking to me and he’s like, ‘Mommy, put the phone down. Look at me, talk to me,'” Hart admits.

When the going gets really tough, however, the hands-on mom isn’t afraid to occasionally pull out her secret weapon.

“My Bloody Mary, that’s how Mommy can do it all,” she jokes, sharing a picture of herself sipping on a cocktail while cradling her baby boy.

– Anya Leon

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