August 24, 2012 05:00 PM

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Where’s Melissa Joan Hart these days? Odds are you’ll find the Melissa & Joey star, who’s set to welcome her third child soon, at the cinema.

“I’ve been going to see a movie a week right now,” she tells PEOPLE with a laugh, adding that in fact, it’s her best advice for expectant moms.

“Go as much as you can before baby comes — it becomes twice as expensive to go to the movies [afterwards] because you have to get a babysitter involved.”

Hart — who most recently checked out The Campaign and highly recommends it — says summer hasn’t been all about the cinema though. On Wednesday, she hosted Operation Shower‘s group shower for expectant mothers whose spouses are deployed members of the military.

“My hat goes off to all of these women,” she says of the pregnant ladies treated to lunch and a host of gifts at the Carousel Designs-sponsored event. “They are so stoic and so strong and brave. Their husbands are the ones off fighting the war, but they’re the ones at home holding it down and raising these kids.”

As for her own child, Hart, 36, will discover the baby’s sex upon delivery — and his or her name will follow.

“We have a few favorites — we keep tossing ’em around,” she admits, telling PEOPLE she and husband Mark Wilkerson will make a final decision after they “see the baby’s face.”

Mum’s the word, however, on what those favorites may be. Turns out that discussing possible baby names hasn’t gone over so well in the past.

“I’ve shared with my family before and they’ve bashed the names we’d chosen,” she says. “I’m just going to keep it to myself and figure it out on the day. I don’t like to name ’em before because I’m like, ‘What if I change my mind?'”

— Shakthi Jothianandan

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