Melissa Joan Hart Celebrates Brotherly Love

During a recent visit to The Little Seed in Los Angeles, mom of two Melissa Joan Hart cheerfully revealed that tension between sons Mason Walter, 3 ½, and Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart, 16 ½ months, has begun to ease! “They’re just starting to play together, which is so wonderful,” the 33-year-old actress raves. Whereas before Brady would want to interact with his big brother but was repeatedly rebuffed, Mason has recently softened his stance. “Now he’s like, ‘Come on! Let’s play,’ ” Melissa shares, and as a result “a little bit more camaraderie” has formed between the boys.

“Now…they’re holding hands and walking around the house and going from activity to activity. Mason gives him different jobs to do. Like, ‘Come on! Let’s do this now!’ And Brady gets all excited about it.”

Melissa’s comments came as The Little Seed unveiled its new Private Label eco-friendly children’s clothing line, and Melissa herself recently became a first-time business owner with the opening of Sweet Harts. “It’s going great,” she says of her candy store. “It’s great because it’s a place for my creativity to kind of take over, as this is for [The Little Seed owner and friend] Soleil [Moon Frye].” Despite her busy schedule, Melissa’s boys always come first — even though she admits she sometimes needs a reminder that “play time is more important than work time.”

“Sometimes being on the email seems like it’s more important. I’m like, just let me do this! But really, playing with them is more important because they’re going to grow up so fast.”

When the demands become too much, Melissa says that she has learned to prioritize and delegate as needed. “It’s really difficult but that’s the struggle every day,” she adds. “Just picking your priorities for the day and always putting these guys and my husband first, then me next and then figuring it out from there.”

Mason and Brady are Melissa’s children with Course of Nature rocker Mark Wilkerson.

— Missy with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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