Melissa Joan Hart thanks her mom for labor motivation


During the difficult delivery of her son Mason, turning 2-years-old next month, actress Melissa Joan Hart was quickly approaching an unwanted C-section when her own mom stepped in to save the day. Thanks to a little white lie, Melissa says she found the extra motivation she needed to have the birth experience she wanted; She recently relayed Mason’s birth story for the March of Dimes’ ‘Every Baby Has a Story’ campaign, as re-told below.

My baby story is basically about my labor and delivery.  I was very pregnant…I was huge!  And it was a difficult process.  I was induced because my baby was getting very large.  And I really didn’t want a C-section, I really wanted to be able to do it natural.  And, basically, the only thing really natural that happened the whole process was that my water broke naturally.  And after that I opted for the drugs, and went for the epidural.

And I’m very glad I did because 17-hours later I was pushing for three hours, which was quite a process, but I was fighting and fighting to get that baby out.  I just did not want a C-section and for two hours my doctor kept saying ‘One more push and you’re going in for a C-section’ but she still let me go three hours. 

After a big struggle my mom said ‘I see his ears!’ and I thought ‘Okay, his ears are out so that means just a little bit further and they can pull him out and I’m done!’  I put three pushes together and just kept it going…kept going and going.  The baby came out and I thanked my mom for telling me that she saw the ears because it motivated me and she told me that she actually didn’t.  She said that she just saw his head and it kept coming and coming and coming and that where she thought there should be ears, there weren’t.  He just had a very big head! 

So after all is said and done, I’m fine.  I didn’t have to have a C-section and my baby is perfectly healthy and wonderful.

Mason is the first child for Melissa and her husband Mark Wilkerson; The couple expect their second child in early March.

Every parent loves to share their birth story, and celebrities are no different. The March of Dimes recently launched its ‘Every Baby Has A Story’ campaign, where you can also share your own baby story or read some of the 1,175 baby stories that have been posted. ‘Every Baby Has a Story” is a new grassroots and integrated media project celebrating babies, those born healthy as well as those who need help to survive and thrive, launched by the March of Dimes.

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