CBB Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart's pregnancy journal: Celebrity babies, Lake Tahoe, and baby names

Together with actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, we bring you thenext installment of her pregnancy column. Many readers and fans had questions and commentsregarding names, the sex of the baby, pregnancyweight and what Melissa thinks of the celebrity baby craze. Here Melissa answers some of these questions, tells us about her holiday season — her ABC Christmas movie Holiday in Handcuffs topped ratings for the network — explains what’s up next with hubby Mark Wilkerson‘s band Course of Nature, and shares new photos. Of course, there’s talk of son Mason Walter, who turned 2 this past Friday, and the new baby, expected to arrive the first week of March.

Melissa is now entering her 33rd week of pregnancy. Click below for the entry, including photos!


Since I’ve been getting a lot of similar baby questions recently, I’ve decided to do a blog to fill y’all in. We do know the sex of the new baby, however we are keeping it to ourselves for a while. I know we all have ‘M’ names right now, but that’s just a coincidence. The next baby will not have an ‘M’ name, since we are trying to avoid a theme. We do love the name Madeline, but no matter the sex of this baby, looks like I’ll have to wait and see if I have a few more kids before I can use that name. If the labor goes well this time, I’m hoping for two more babies later in my 30s.

As for the questions about Hollywood babies, I have mixed feelings.I would hope the public would be more interested in the level of talentthan the cuteness of the kids of celebs! But there is a big differencethese days between "stars" and "celebrities"; "stars" being people witha certain level of talent and responsibility. That being said, I also think my son is the most adorable boy in the world and everyone should experience the joy of that smile. But I don’t enjoy the paparazzi following us on walks to Baja Fresh!

But mostly I don’t appreciate it when the public believes everythingthey see or read. Especially being pregnant, I’ve seen lots of commentsabout my weight, but I’m pregnant and very few women in the world lookskinny while expecting. It’s the one time absolutely no one should judge!


Click below for more from Melissa, plus photos!

I was eating really healthy the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy, butsince Halloween I’ve been eating way too many sweets! Maybe now thatthe holidays are over I can get a hold of the sweet tooth and try toget more veggies in. This pregnancy is definitely easier than my first, but I think that is mainly due to chasing around Mason. I don’t have time to obsess over every little feeling or pain.


Here are some pictures for you — hope you enjoy them!! The ice skating one is from a Winter Wonderland party that ABC family threw for all their movies in the 25 Days of Christmas. My movie Holiday In Handcuffs topped all ratings for the network and we were very excited. But it was such fun to spend a day at Rockefeller Center where we had the ice rink to ourselves for a short time. Mason got to ice skate for the first time, but only made it around twice before he was worn out!


We had Christmas dinner at our house, which was nuts since I don’t cook all year round, but somehow think I can manage a big traditional meal for 16. It turned out great, but lots of pressure and a day on my feet. Then we took off to our favorite place in the world, Lake Tahoe, for a very snowy New Years — actually, Mark and I flew to NYC for the New Year’s Eve night so that Course of Nature could perform in Times Square for Fox News Channel, but we had most of our families up in Tahoe playing in the snow for 8 days.


Now we have planned Mason’s second birthday (we went to Disneyland) and are trying to get some quiet time before the new little one pops. I think the baby is trying to get out through my skin. Strong little baby kicks VERY hard!


Oh and next up, Mark’s album is released Jan 29th, so we have tons of press ahead and a big party in Vegas! Woohoo!

Happy New Year!

M & M & m.


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