Melissa Joan Hart makes the most of time on set


As a working mom, Melissa Joan Hart appreciates the built-in respite that acting can provide. The 31-year-old mom to Mason — who turns 2-years-old next month– says that instead of feeling guilty while she is on set she keeps it all in perspective.

I am lucky to have a career where I work hard for a few weeks and then have a ton of time to spend with my little family. I know when I am working that it is only temporary so I try to enjoy the time I have on set and do the best I can do, knowing that I will be home with plenty of play time in the near future.

With Christmas just around the corner, Melissa added that she is "looking forward to starting all kids of new traditions with my growing family." Shooting the new film Holiday in Handcuffs in Canada while Mason was just a baby was special for Melissa, an avid snowboarder and skier.

It was my first job back after having my son so I was so thrilled to be back on a set. Calgary was a wonderful city and I adored spending so much time in the snow with my son.

Melissa has been married to musician Mark Wilkerson since 2003; The couple expect their second child in March.

Source: MediaBlvd Magazine

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