CBB Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart's pregnancy journal: The holidays, the belly, and Mason's vocabulary

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So its been an interesting month already and we are only a week into it. Mason sure is keeping us on our toes. His vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds everyday. He went from asking us to "sit" with him to "sit down now please." It’s amazing.

We spent Thanksgiving in Alabama with my husband’s family and then wentto NY to visit some of my family and do some holiday shopping. Masonice skated for the first time while I safely walked him around the icein my snow boots. We watched the Rockefeller Tree Lighting which Masonand I thoroughly enjoyed.

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As for my growing bump, it is getting too difficult to lift my little man and there is no room left for him on my lap. Everyone keeps commenting on how small I look for being 27 weeks, but I think they forget I have 3 more months to grow. The baby kicks me and wiggles non-stop and if the little one is already this strong, I am scared of how strong these kicks will become in the coming weeks.

I haven’t been eating very healthy due to travel and holiday goodies laying around everywhere. I am back to morning bagels instead of my usual protein shakes, but now that we are home I am gonna buckle down and at least try to get my proteins and veggies in before the Christmas glutton takes place.

I am cooking for 16 of our family members this year which is really hilarious since I don’t cook all year and somehow I think I can actually make a good enough meal to impress both our moms.

I’ll keep ya posted on the outcome of this upcoming drama!

M & M & m.


Check out Melissa’s new movie Holiday in Handcuffs.

Photos by photographer Tara Rochelle who shot the family last month. Used with thanks and as a CBB exclusive.


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