Melinda Messenger discusses expanding her family


UK TV presenter and former glamour model Melinda Messenger speaks to Hello! this week, revealing that although her prior experiences with her three children have resulted in pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum complications, she and husband Wayne Roberts still want to add to their family.

I am desperate to have another baby. Because I’d had complications with all three, I’d said ‘never again’ but now, when we all sit down for dinner, there’s an empty chair and I think someone is meant to be sat there. I feel, if I don’t have this baby now, that person will never be in our life.

Melinda, 37, hasn’t yet had an easy experience. With son Morgan, 7, quickly developing preeclampsia forced an early emergency c-section. With 6-year-old son Flynn, a tough delivery required extensive assistance from doctors. Lastly, although the pregnancy and delivery of daughter Evie, 4, were normal, Melinda suffered from ‘terrifying’ postpartum depression.

The memories of what I went through still come back to me, but mymaternal side is so much stronger and the pleasure and gain of having ababy probably outweighs the fear and pain of going through post-nataldepression.

At the time it affected me badly. It was terrifying because Ididn’t know what it was. I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t sleep –I couldn’t function.

At my lowestpoint it was difficult to go on. I thought: ‘It would be so much easierif I wasn’t here.’ But suicide was never an option for me — I hadchildren to look after. That’s what got me through.

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Althoughshe is presently planning to expand her family biologically, Melindasays she and husband Wayne are also very open to adoption.

Asa child I wanted six children and I still feel that strongly. We’retalking it through and I guess we’ll make a decision this year. If wedecide not to have a baby, we’ll probably still adopt, in this countrybecause Britain has thousands of kids desperate for homes. We’dprobably look at children aged three to six, ideally a brother andsister. It would be a huge job but it’s ultimately where my fulfillmentcomes from.

Source: Hello! magazine,Issue: 1010 March 4th, p. 112.

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