In Melanie Brown‘s household, the perks of having a famous mom do not include getting off scot-free from chores! Determined to raise her two girls — Phoenix Chi, 10, and Angel Iris, 23 months — to learn the lessons of “responsibility early,” the Spice Girls mama tells Closer magazine that each child is already in charge of their play areas. “Phoenix has chores to do and I make sure Angel tidies up after herself,” she says.

Although raising her family in Los Angeles, the 33-year-old is making a conscious effort to avoid having her daughters become a product of their environment. “They won’t end up being Hollywood children, down [at the] shops using mum’s credit card,” she promises. Despite Melanie’s tough love policies, she is happy to combine the joy of gifting to her girls with a quick lesson of responsibility. Recently buying Phoenix her “first pay-as-you-go [cell] phone,” Melanie is allowing her daughter to determine her own amount of minutes earned.

Clearly thrilled with her family, Melanie explains that ensuring Phoenix and Angel stay grounded does not mean her children aren’t being raised with love and affection. “My kids are loved — not spoiled,” she shares. However, the proud mama can’t help but joke that she often wonders what the “payback” teenage years will bring! “If [Phoenix]’s anything like I was, then I’ll be in for quite a ride — I was a big handful,” she reveals.

Phoenix is Melanie’s daughter with dancer Jimmy Gulzar; Angel is her daughter with actor Eddie Murphy.