"I think my adrenals are worn out so I don't even react anymore," the Hacksaw Ridge director jokes

By Mike Miller
Updated December 02, 2020 02:38 AM

When it comes to fatherhood, Mel Gibson‘s been there, done that.

The Hacksaw Ridge director is expecting his ninth child — his first with 26-year-old girlfriend Rosalind Ross — and recently told Extra that his days of anxiously pacing around the delivery room are long gone.

“What’s one more? I’m just there to catch,” the actor, 60, said, joking, “I’m too old to get nervous. I think my adrenals are worn out so I don’t even react anymore.”

Andrew Garfield joined his Hacksaw Ridge director for the sit down, and spoke about the important, real-life story behind the film. Garfield, 33, stars as PFC. Desmond T. Doss, who won a Congressional Medal of Honor despite refusing to bear arms during World War II for religious reasons. “However we can get Desmond’s story to as many people as possible … that’s great,” said the actor.

Gibson also revealed why, after turning down the film twice, he finally agreed to direct. “The last time it was offered, I read it and it went straight from … it went straight through the chest cavity into my brain. It was a very emotional, very moving story, you know? There’s tears on the pages, so I thought this is a story worth telling about this guy who’s so incredible,” he explained.

“[Desmond] transcends the ugliness of war in a situation that turns most men into animals … he gets to hone his higher self and do something really beautiful in the midst of that, which is life-affirming,” Gibson added.

Hacksaw Ridge hits theaters Nov. 4.