By peoplestaff225
Updated April 10, 2010 02:00 PM

Women across the country will be cheering on Megyn Price as one of two female drivers in the 34th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race April 17, but there’s one little lady who’d rather the Rules of Engagement star stayed off the track: her 2½-year-old daughter Grace.

“She knows the racecars take Mommy away from playing Snow White with her, so she is not a fan of racecars right now!” Price, 39, told PEOPLE Moms & Babies Wednesday at a practice day at the Long Beach Grand Prix course.

“She put her foot down in her princess panties and said, ‘Mama will not drive a racecar. Mama will play dress up!'”

The only child for Price and her high school sweetheart husband, Ed, is already proving to be as super smart as her mom, who graduated from Stanford and was a Presidential Scholar during her senior year of high school.

Instead of a tough case of the terrible twos, Price has been dealing with what she calls “the wicked-smart twos.” In fact, Grace can already read – which her mom describes as “very frightening!”

She could make for a great lawyer some day. “She speaks really clearly and she’s very logical,” says Price. “I told her that she couldn’t do something, and she goes, ‘Mama’s answer is no. Gracie’s answer is yes!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but Mama trumps you, honey!’ She doesn’t get that part yet.”

Grace seems to already be following in Price’s professional footsteps. “She really loves performing,” says her actress mom.

The little girl, who’ll turn three in July, has taken to singing Broadway show tunes. A favorite? “The Perfect Nanny” from Mary Poppins, which Grace learned from a babysitter. “She sings the whole thing – and in a British accent!”

Whether or not the budding thespian approves of her mom’s new hobby off set, Price hopes her little girl will be in the stands to root for her on the big day. Price will go head to head with her on-screen husband Patrick Warburton and other celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater and Adrien Brody.

And you better stay out of her way! Price is in it to win it. “I have no fear!” she says.

— Jessica Wedemeyer