Mom of Three Megyn Kelly Reveals the One Thing She Misses About Life Before Kids: It's 'Gone But Not Forgotten'

Megyn Kelly describes herself as an easygoing parent, likely because of the way she was raised in that her own parents told her that she was "not special"

As a mother of three and host of a new TV show, Megyn Kelly could use an occasional siesta. However, that luxury went out the window when her second child arrived.

In a segment for PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real, the television personality — who just debuted Megyn Kelly TODAY — talked about wrangling kids Thatcher Bray, 4, Yardley Evans, 6, and Edward Yates, 8, with husband Douglas Brunt.

When asked what she missed most about life before motherhood, Kelly immediately responded, “Naps.” And although the host says she could still sneak in a few Zs when she had her first son, that reality became a thing of the past upon the arrival of her daughter.

“It’s two on two. There’s no downtime for anybody,” she explains. “Then we had Thatcher, my third child, and we barely noticed the difference. We had already given up all personal time with the birth of our second child.”

Adds Kelly, 46, “But I used to love my naps and I was an excellent napper. I could do it with no problem. I could revive from it and go about my day. That is gone, but not forgotten.”

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Kelly describes herself as an easygoing parent — likely because of the way she was raised, in that her own parents told her that she was “not special.”

“It just really took all the pressure off me, and I never felt like I needed to be extraordinary to have their love. I knew I’d have it even if I was regular old me,” she shares. “I didn’t go to an Ivy League college, but it worked out okay for me in the end. I always felt comfortable in my own skin, and I still do.”

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But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an embarrassing moment or two along the way. Kelly describes a time when she brought her son to the arcade and began playing a round of Skee-Ball while he napped in his stroller nearby.

“I was nailing it. I was having the game of my life, and then he woke up,” she says. “He started crying a little, then he really started crying. I only had two balls left and I was like, ‘You’re fine. Mommy will be right with you.’ ”

She continues, “And at that moment, a woman came over and was like, ‘Aren’t you Megyn Kelly?’ ‘No. No, I’m not. Never heard of her.’ That was not my proudest moment.”

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