Meghan Trainor's Son Riley Makes Adorable 'Australian Idol' Cameo: 'Easiest Yes All Season'

The singer shared a clip of her son making an impromptu visit to the set of Australian Idol, where he didn't seem too impressed with the proceedings

Could I get a tout photo of Meghan Trainor—if possible, from this IG post (which will be embedded in story)? Would like it to be of her and her son
Photo: Seven Network Australia

Meghan Trainor's son is following in his mom's fame-laced footsteps!

In a clip the singer — a judge on the current season of Australian Idol — shared to her Instagram on Monday, Trainor's husband Daryl Sabara leads Riley, who will turn 2 on Wednesday, onto the Idol stage, much to the delight of everyone present.

"I'm gonna sing the ABCs," said Sabara in a falsetto on Riley's behalf, shaking the boy's arms playfully over his head.

"If he's gonna sing, I want to play with him," promptly stated judge Harry Connick Jr., getting up and seating himself at the piano on stage.

Connick Jr. burst out into a rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the keys, to which Trainor and her husband chanted the familiar lyrics along, as Riley merely gave a confused look.

"Hi, baby," Trainor, 29, cooed at the end, waving. Sabara lifted him up to the judges' stand, earning a hug from his proud mom.

Riley was handed the famous Golden Ticket, but didn't seem impressed. He examined it, then threw it to the ground, eliciting uproarious laughter from the panel.

"He's too good for this show," Trainor quipped. "It's a no from him!"

In the caption of her post, she wrote: "The easiest 'yes' all season."

Trainor confirmed to PEOPLE last Monday that she and Spy Kids actor Sabara, 30, are expecting their second child.

In addition to getting ready for her second baby, Trainor is also preparing for the release of her first book, Dear Future Mama, in which she opens up about her experience with pregnancy, with weigh-in from her OB-GYN, registered dietician and personal trainer. She added that she hoped the book will be beneficial to first-time mothers.

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"I know not everyone has access to the amazing people who I have access to. So my dietician is in the book and gives advice for every trimester. My trainer is in the book, and there's pictures showing you what you can do for workouts because you can still work out when you're pregnant, and it's safe — I didn't know that."

Dear Future Mama will hit shelves on April 25.

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