Liberty and Cuteness for All! The Most Adorable Photos of Meghan McCain's Daughter, Liberty Sage

The former co-host of The View and daughter of late Senator John McCain welcomed her first baby with husband Ben Domenech on Sept. 28, 2020

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Little Liberty

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain and daughter Liberty Sage in 2020. Meghan McCain/instagram

Meghan McCain and husband Ben Domenech welcomed their daughter, Liberty Sage, into the world on Sept. 28, 2020.

A few weeks later, McCain penned a sweet Instagram post about motherhood, sharing, "Motherhood is euphoria. All of the cliches have come true and exceeded well beyond my wildest expectations ~ it is hands down the best thing I have ever done in my entire life and I am completely in awe of our daughter."

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Mom Thoughts

McCain continued, "Having Liberty is like observing my entire heart live and exist outside of my body. She is a little wildcat ~ beautiful, strong, alert, already so full life and spirit... I only wish I had done this sooner. Thank you to my love Ben for giving me this gift and taking the leap on this wonderful and petrifying adventure together. I love our little family and I have never felt so blessed, present and grateful."

She added, "This is the first time since my Dad passed that the part of my heart that broke off and left with him no longer feels missing...."

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The Meaning of Life

"I am not a poet nor an artist," McCain began a December 2020 Instagram post, "so I cannot fully express the ecstasy of motherhood. However, I will say having a daughter answers every existential and ontological question a human being confronts in this wild life. Ben and I have been so indescribably blessed and experienced nothing but an embarrassment of bliss since having Liberty.🗽♥️🇺🇸"

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On Dec. 23, 2020, the new mom shared a video of Liberty kicking a piano on a baby play mat, joking, "Wild Christmas party going on up in here.... 🎄🎅🏻🗽."

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I See You!

McCain shared a series of sweet photos of Liberty as she turned 3 months old, captioning them, "Someone wanted to see me? 🗽♥️."

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Saying Hello

In February 2021, McCain shared that little Liberty is "always staring at" a painting of her late grandfather, John McCain.

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Hoppin' Along

In March 2021, Liberty dressed in a precious bunny jacket to go visit the ducks at the park.

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Moms Rule

Meghan McCain and mom and daughter
Cindy (left) and Meghan McCain with Liberty Sage. Meghan McCain/ instagram

McCain shared another sweet photo with her mom, Cindy, and daughter, Liberty simply captioned, "Mountain mamas. ♥️ 🗽."

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Who's Hungry?

Meghan McCain and mom and daughter
Meghan McCain/ instagram

In one photo, Cindy fed Liberty from a bottle as Meghan looked on.

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meghan mccain, cindy mccain
Meghan McCain/Instagram; Inset: FilmMagic/FilmMagic

Speaking of Grandma, Meghan McCain thinks that Liberty and Cindy look like clones! She joked on Instagram, "Life and 🗽 ~ (I promise I birthed her and didn't clone @cindymccain)."

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Up and At 'Em

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain's daughter Liberty Sage. Meghan McCain/instagram

"My wildcat ~ grandma @cindymccain's twin and all me in personality," McCain captioned a photo of Liberty enjoying some tummy time. She added, "McCain women have strong genes. ♥️🗽♥️🗽."

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Mom's on TV!

In April 2021, Liberty watched her mom and grandma exhibited some serious girl power on The View.

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Hear Her Rawr

There's nothing quite as cute as some mother-daughter matching cheetah print!

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Red, White and Baby Blues

"Our lady Liberty ♥️🗽," McCain captioned a photo of her baby girl gazing into the camera in May 2021.

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First Mother's Day

On her first Mother's Day, McCain shared a photo of her after giving birth, writing, "The greatest joy and unfathomable bliss of life is being her mother ~ 'where Liberty dwells, there is my country'🗽♥️."

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Boxed In

McCain is learning the ever-so-relatable lesson that no matter how many toys you buy, your child will always want to play in the box.

It turns out that Liberty's "favorite game is playing 'car ride' in an old diaper box with a blanket in it! 😆♥️🗽."

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Family Photo

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain and family. Meghan McCain/instagram

On Father's Day 2021, McCain shared a sweet message on Instagram for her husband, Ben. The former co-host of The View wrote, "Happy Fathers Day Ben! You are the most incredible, wonderful, thoughtful, selfless Dad in the entire world. Liberty and I are so lucky and love you so much. ♥️🗽."

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Living Up to Her Name

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain/Instagram

With a name like Liberty, it's impossible not to love the Fourth of July!

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Swinging Around

meghan mccain
meghan mccain/ instagram; Greg Endries/Bravo

"My Liberty bell. Best thing in the world.🗽🔔♥️," the mom captioned a photo of Liberty enjoying the swings at the park.

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Start Your Engines

Meghan McCain, Liberty
Meghan McCain/Instagram. Inset: Tasos Katopodis/Getty

"My baby girl Liberty loves her freedom ~ go figure. ♥️🗽🔔," McCain captioned a photo of Liberty hitting the open road — well, sidewalk — in a hot pink and purple toy car.

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Lots of Laughs

meghan mccain
meghan mccain/ instagram

"Clones," Meghan captioned an August 2021 photo of her mom laughing with Liberty. We've got to admit, the two do look quite a bit alike!

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Beach Baby

meghan mccain beach day
meghan mccain/ instagram

The mother-daughter duo hit the beach in North Carolina in August 2021, with McCain calling her daughter, "my water baby."

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Keep on Laughing

On the anniversary of her father's death, McCain shared a photo with her family of three captioned, "Today wasn't all tears. I love you Dad and keep laughing for you."

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Pure Love

Meghan mccain
Theo Wargo/Getty; meghan mccain/ instagram

In September 2021, McCain expressed disbelief that her little girl was turning 1. She captioned a pair of photos on Instagram, "My Liberty Bell. Pure love. How is she almost one?! 💜."

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Snuggle Up

Meghan McCain baby Liberty
Meghan McCain/Instagram

"There is only this," McCain shared alongside a photo of her holding Liberty as her husband gave their little girl a kiss. McCain added, "Fully embracing and ensconced in the bliss that is this late thirties, 'Ray of Light' incarnation of my life."

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Curious Girl

Meghan McCain, Liberty
Meghan McCain/Instagram. Inset: Tasos Katopodis/Getty

"♥️🗽 🔔 ~ my intensely curious Liberty Bell," McCain shared alongside a photo of Liberty attempting to open up some cabinets.

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Lunch Date

Meghan mccain lunch date
meghan mccain/ instagram

Liberty has been a lady who lunches! The 1-year-old had a sweet lunch date with her mom and Grandma in September 2021.

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Cradling Close

The day before Liberty's 1st birthday, McCain shared a photo cradling her infant daughter on Instagram, captioning the snap, "My baby girl turns one year old tomorrow. I am so grateful for this life Ben and I have made together.🗽🔔♥️

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She's One-derful!

Meghan McCain daughter Liberty
Meghan McCain/Instagram

Liberty Sage celebrated turning 1 in an adorable pink tulle dress and flower crown!

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