While Meghan King Edmonds hasn't closed the door on more kids, she admits, "I'm not making any kind of decisions about anything right now"

As a mother of three, Meghan King Edmonds isn’t sure whether her family is complete just yet. But if not, she’s committed to starting its expansion from square one.

“I don’t know if I’m done having kids,” The Real Housewives of Orange County personality said this week on the Juicy Scoop podcast. “I’m 35; my kids are little. I could totally have another kid and I do love the idea of a nuclear family. However, my kids are a lot of work. They’re young. And I need to get out of the weeds right now.”

“So I couldn’t say no, but it’s not something I’m gunning for,” King Edmonds added. “I’m looking at my boobs and I’m like, ‘How ’bout a boob job instead?’ Honestly, I’m not making any kind of decisions about anything right now.”

“Right now” is amid a divorce from husband Jim Edmonds, whom the reality star split from in October after five years of marriage following his sexting scandal and accusations that he cheated on his wife with their children’s nanny, Carly Wilson. (Both Edmonds and Wilson have denied having a sexual relationship.)

Meghan King Edmonds
Credit: Meghan King Edmonds/ Instagram

All three of the estranged couple’s children — 19-month-old twin boys Hart King and Hayes King, plus daughter Aspen, 3 — were conceived via in vitro fertilization. But when asked if she’d use the four remaining embryos she and Edmonds still have, King Edmonds replied that she’d instead “just keep them frozen until eternity.”

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Meghan King Edmonds; Jim Edmonds
Meghan King Edmonds (L); Jim Edmonds
| Credit: David Livingston/FilmMagic; MLB/Getty Images

The Bravo star also opened up about her relationship with Edmonds’ two younger children: daughter Sutton, 11, and son Landon, 13.

“I have no contact with them; I’ve been blocked from their phone numbers, from their Instagrams. They’ve been told things, according to Jim, that I’ve never said,” she told Juicy Scoop host Heather McDonald. “[I met them] when they just turned 4 and 7. They were little. They felt like my full-blown stepkids.”

“They were my family. I did so much for them, like you would with anyone who was your family. So that really makes me sad. It’s not helping them,” King Edmonds continued. “I know they’re being poisoned, being told a lot of different things that aren’t true. They know me enough to know who I am.”

“But at the same time, they’re kids. They don’t want to rock the boat with their parents. And I understand that, so I need to just let this whole thing play out and hopefully they’ll come back. But in the meantime, I’m just praying for them,” she shared. “It’s messy. It’s so messy. I just hate it so much. There’s no love.”

Meghan King Edmonds
Meghan King Edmonds with sons Hart and Hayes
| Credit: Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

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Additionally, King Edmonds revealed that she was “renting a home in the South Bay” area of Los Angeles and alleged that while Edmonds, 49, has taken their son Hart “to treatment a couple of days” (Hart was diagnosed with irreversible brain damage last year), he “doesn’t like it in California.”

“Jim’s in Cabo right now. He’s on vacation with his girlfriend,” she said of her retired MLB player ex and his partner, who is allegedly a woman he and King Edmonds once had a threesome with.

“He’s not here renting a house or even getting a hotel next to me or close to me. He’s having … a new love, I guess. It’s time-consuming,” she quipped, adding of their three children, “I said, ‘How often do you want to see them? You have them half the time.’ ”

“And he said, ‘I’ll come out these three days and I’ll take Hart to therapy,’ and that’s what he did. He dropped Aspen at preschool and [Hayes], I stayed with. And then I picked Aspen up and [stayed with all] three of them,” King Edmonds continued. “I want them to know their father loves them.”