Meghan King Edmonds is feeling the strain of carrying twins


Meghan King Edmonds is feeling the strain of carrying twins.

The pregnant Real Housewives of Orange County star, who is expecting twin boys with husband Jim Edmonds, is 33 weeks pregnant and officially in the discomfort stage.

“I’m getting miserable,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively, laughing. “I feel like the babies are like, in my ears. And most definitely in my lungs. I am really struggling with breathing. You can really tell in my Instagram Stories. I’ll listen to them back and I’m breathing so heavily just doing nothing. Plus, I can’t feel my legs. And bending over is, like, a thing in the past.”

“I’m so ridiculously pregnant, I can hardly move off the couch,” she adds. “We just had a cleaning lady come today — I don’t even know how she did, because I’m too tired to look. That’s where I’m at.”

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Credit: Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

Making matters even harder is that Meghan has 1½-year-old daughter Aspen moving around.

“I have a nanny and she’s been so good — and Jimmy’s been so helpful too — but waking up with Aspen in the morning, that’s even hard,” Meghan, 33, explains. “I can get her out of the crib and stuff, but going up and down my stairs is tough. I want her to be able to have fun and go to the park, but I can’t walk around the park anymore. It makes me sad. It’s a hard place to be.”

Luckily, Meghan’s situation is temporary. While 40 weeks is a full-term for a single baby, twins are considered full-term at 37 weeks, with the average twin pregnancy lasting 36 weeks.

“I just left the doctor and basically, it could be any day,” Meghan says. “Ideally I’d like to make it to 34, 35. They’ll be fine if I gave birth right now. They might have to spend some extra time in the hospital, but they’ll be fine.”

Credit: Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

With her boys on the way any day now, it’s no surprise that Meghan plans to take it easy on Mother’s Day.

“My mom just invited us to go over to her house for breakfast,” she says. “My step-son has sporting games all day long on Mother’s Day. I’m just hoping I have babies cooking inside me more than anything. The longer they’re in there, the better!”

It’s a far different day from last year, Meghan’s first Mother’s Day. Having not yet moved to St. Louis — where they live close to Jim’s two stepchildren, ages 9 and 12 — full-time, Jim joined Meghan in California, taking her out to “a great dinner” and buying her a “fabulous present.”

Asked if Jim had planned anything special this year, Meghan wasn’t sure. “My husband, he didn’t even remember it was Mother’s Day until a few days ago. Now that he’s reminded, he may have something up his sleeve!” she says.

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Not matter what he does, Meghan — who announced on her blog in late November that she and Jim, 47, were expecting sons after undergoing in vitro fertilization again — says that motherhood has been present enough.

“Everything has become so fulfilling,” she says. “Jimmy and I were just talking about the fact that we’ve forgotten what life is like before Aspen existed. It’s been a complete shift in my lifestyle. My life is just about my baby now. What did we do? We don’t remember. It’s like nothing matters anymore except what she’s doing and what we’re going to do with her. That’s been crazy and amazing.”