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January 11, 2017 11:45 AM

No complaints about pregnancy from Megan Hilty!

“I didn’t have morning sickness either time — knock on wood,” the Broadway star — who is expecting her second child, a son, with husband Brian Gallagher in March — told Fit Pregnancy and Baby for their February cover story.

“Before I had [daughter Viola Philomena, 2], I thought it was going to be weird to feel a baby moving in my belly. But I love it — even the kicking and punching,” adds Hilty, 35.

“Near the end of my last pregnancy, my mom said, ‘You’ll miss her when she’s not in your tummy anymore.’ She was so right.”

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Hilty and Gallagher are currently in the middle of a move from New York City to Los Angeles, and the Wicked alum says she’s planning on working throughout her pregnancy.

“I did during Viola’s pregnancy and am doing the same now,” she explains. “I was on a world tour with Brian while expecting Viola, and at every concert we dedicated a song to her and filmed it. Now she can see all the amazing places she went to before being born.”

She continues, “We’re hoping to do the same for my son while on tour for my new album, A Merry Little Christmas.”

The actress and singer doesn’t specify whether she has a play-by-play birth plan, but as she’s had the childbirth experience before, she does know one thing she wants.

“I hope to do some of the same things I did last time,” Hilty shares. “For instance, it was important to me when Viola was born that they didn’t wash her immediately. I read that the mucus that babies are covered in is really good for their skin, so I wanted it to seep in and not be scrubbed off.”

Although Hilty has an idea of what she wants when her little boy comes into the world, the truth is that she wasn’t sure she would have kids at all, let alone two of them.

“To be honest, separately, neither Brian nor I ever thought we were going to have children,” she admits. “I had this idea from childhood that there wasn’t room for parenting and my career, and I chose my career. Thankfully, I was totally wrong.”

Does Hilty have any pet peeves when it comes to parenting?

With Viola, when I took her to classes, a lot of moms and sitters would be on their phones the whole time,” she says. “That’s not me. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that adults are totally disengaged.”

On a related note, fans shouldn’t expect to see a ton of photos of Hilty’s little guy when he arrives — though the soon-to-be mom of two has a very good reason.

“I don’t post many photos of my daughter on social. I don’t judge other people for it, but I feel they’re her images to choose what to do with,” she says. “I’ll e-mail pictures to family, which forces me to engage with them instead of hoping they like my post.”

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