April 22, 2015 02:00 PM

Megan Hilty is still getting used to her new role as mom.

“Everything surprises me about motherhood,” the Smash star, 34, told PEOPLE Tuesday while helping to raise awareness about global food waste for Earth Day with Glad.

“It is really hard, but it’s so worth it when she laughs or when I see her with my husband. It’s just the greatest feeling.”

Her 7-month-old daughter, Viola Philomena, loves to get giggly, but it’s usually at Hilty’s expense.

“Anything that makes me look like an idiot, she’ll laugh at, so I spend a lot of my days now looking like an idiot, just dancing around and singing in the worst voice possible,” she jokes.


However, when Hilty tries to put her actual musical ability on display, her daughter wants none of it.

“She does not enjoy my singing,” shares the actress, who is married to musician Brian Gallagher. “I think I sang too much when I was pregnant with her and she’s done with me! She really loves it when my husband plays guitar for her though.”

Hilty says Viola is whizzing through her milestones.

“She has two teeth now, and she’s experimenting with her sounds — which means she’s screaming at me a lot!” the first-time mom jokes. “She’s sitting up by herself, and I think she’s going to crawl any day now. It’s happening really fast.”

And while Hilty seems to have bounced back since giving birth, the Broadway star says dropping her pregnancy pounds hasn’t been a priority.

“I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to get in great shape,” she says. “My first goal was to be there for Viola and make sure, since I’m breastfeeding, that I wasn’t starving myself so that she could get the best nutrients too.”

She adds, “I just thought, ‘This is the one time in my life that I can give myself a break and not be so crazy about diet or exercise.’ It’s just not on top of my list.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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