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Updated September 05, 2008 06:30 PM

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Megan Fox‘s motherly instinct has already kicked in! Previously engaged to actor Brian Austin Green (they’ve since called it off, but are still together), Megan takes her role in his 6-year-old son Kassius ‘Kash’ Lijah‘s life seriously. While Brian is able to work in LA, Megan often travels, meaning that it will "be weeks and weeks without seeing Kash, and that’s sad. I’m out of town a lot." However, the Transformers star adds that Kash is well-adapted and used to the arrangement, considering both his parents are in the business. Still, Megan does "feel guilty a lot," she shares.

Megan reveals that she is the one who enforces discipline when Kash visits, adding that Brian feels bad about being hard on his son. Due to being raised in the South, Megan says it is easy for her "to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly." However, because Kash’s parents have split up, Megan explains that "it’s hard for Brian to punish him. He feels bad that Kash has to always go through the transition in switching homes."

Kash’s mother is Vanessa Marcil.

Source: PR Inside