Megan Fox Says Her 'Brave Child' Has 'Chosen This Journey for a Reason': 'It's Hard as a Mom'

Megan Fox, who has previously opened up about her 9-year-old son Noah's desire to wear dresses, tells Glamour U.K. she never wants her children to feel like "they are weird or strange or different"

Megan Fox wants her kids to express themselves however they please.

In a wide-ranging interview with Glamour U.K. for their April cover story, the 35-year-old actress opens up about how she teaches her children, Journey River, 5, Bodhi Ransom, 8, and Noah Shannon, 9, about gender identity and encourages them to be confident in who they are.

The Jennifer's Body star says her kids attend a school "where the other parents are similar in their beliefs" and the children aren't as connected to the internet "the same way most kids are."

"So they know that their parents are famous, but their knowledge of it is very limited. I knew when they were very young, I wanted to try to protect them however I could, especially limiting their exposure to the internet. So far, we've done a really good job and we maintain their innocence in a lot of ways, but I know I can't protect them forever, though I do have a child that suffers," she continues.

"So I have a lot of worries about that, because I just wish that humanity was not like this," says the actress. "Although my kid is so brave and my child is so brave and I know that they've chosen this journey for a reason. It's just hard as a mom."

Fox, who has previously spoken about Noah's desire to wear dresses, shares that her son "started wearing dresses when he was about two." Soon after that, the actress says she "bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things and addressed a full spectrum of what this is."

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"Some of the books are written by transgender children. Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress; you can express yourself through your clothing however you want," she continues. "And that doesn't even have to have anything to do with your sexuality."

"So from the time they were very young, I've incorporated those things into their daily lives so that nobody feels like they are weird or strange or different," says Fox, who shares her sons with ex Brian Austin Green.

"I can't control the way other people react to my children. I can't control the things that other children – that they go to school with – have been taught and then repeat to them. That's also why I don't really put my children on Instagram or social media," Fox explains.

"I'm so proud of my kids. Noah is an unbelievable pianist. He can learn Mozart's concerto in an hour," she says. "I want people to see that, but I also don't want the world to have access to this gentle soul and say all the things that we all know they're going to say."

During an appearance on The Talk in 2019, Fox said that Noah is "really into fashion" and often wears whatever he wants to school, including dresses, despite receiving negative feedback from his classmates.

"Sometimes, he'll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses sometimes," Fox said at the time. "And I send him to a really liberal, hippy school, but even there — here in California — he still has little boys going, 'Boys don't wear dresses,' or 'Boys don't wear pink.' "

"So we're going through that now, where I'm trying to teach him to be confident no matter what anyone else says," she added.

"He just wore one two days ago to school, and he came home and I was like, 'How was it? Did any of the friends at school have anything to say?' " recalled Fox. "And he was like, 'Well, all the boys laughed when I came in, but I don't care, I love dresses too much.' "

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