The actress revealed she was expecting a daughter on Live! with Kelly and Michael, Monday

Megan Boone is already anticipating all the girl power moments she’ll share with her daughter – she just hopes her fiancé is ready to be the odd man out.

The Blacklist actress revealed that her first child will be a girl during an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael on Monday.

“I haven’t told anybody yet but I’m going to have a girl. A daughter,” she revealed. “[Fiancé Dan Estabrook]’s in trouble.”


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The 32-year-old is about five months into her pregnancy and said she’s totally embracing all of her cravings – even the unique ones.

“The coolest thing about pregnancy for me is your body just craves what it wants. Also, you can just be like, ‘I’m just going to eat this because I’m pregnant,’ ” she told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. “I’ll have that extra piece of cake… For instance, yesterday I really wanted a steak salad and some lemongrass soup, together. I guess I just needed it?”

The star said the lemongrass soup featured a hidden culinary surprise, however – some spicy beans.

“And as I was chewing it this heat started to rise in my mouth, elevate,” she shared. “And I [spit it out]. There was red inside the purple. It got worse and worse and worse and I had tears coming out of my eyes. I walked out and went to craft services and got some milk and then five minutes later she just started going [gestures to belly] … she was renovating in there.”

Boone continued, “And I just thought, ‘What have I done to my baby?!’ I just can’t protect her from the brutality of the world. I can just introduce her to it.”

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The mom-to-be and Estabrook got engaged right around the time they found out Boone was expecting, and both have embraced their new life as a family.

She explained, “We definitely were in it for the long haul when we made a human.”

– Lindsay Kimble