Meg Ryan on Adoption: 'I Never Laughed Harder or Cried More'

During a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Meg Ryan said it was “inevitable” that she would one day be mom to Daisy True, 3 ½. Although she looked into adopting an American child, the 46-year-old actress feels that “events conspired” to lead her to her daughter.

“You have to make yourself kind of available, you get all kinds of accreditations and they clear you and you have to wait quite a while and then [the adoption is] sudden,” Meg recalls. “I had a plan to go to India, and was on my way to India, when I got this little picture [of Daisy] and they said,’ Here’s your daughter!'”

“It’s incredible … You start to feel like ‘Oh, she’s calling me,’ and ‘I’m calling her.’ I was supposed to leave India on the 16th and the [orphanage] said I could meet her on the 18th in China, and it was only like a six hour flight, so it was sort of inevitable.”

The “proscribed process” of adoption in China left Meg feeling “overwhelmed,” and her emotions ran the gamut. “I never laughed harder or cried more…I was so nervous about the whole thing,” she admits.

With the stress of the adoption behind them, Meg says that — two years later — Daisy is flourishing, funny, and just generally a “really interesting kid.”

“She’s very, very interested in over-articulating. And she’s my biggest fan. She just loves me, she notices little things about me. She’ll just say ‘Oh mom, your arm hair it’s so, so soft.’ And then she’ll go, ‘You are blocking the TV.”

In addition to Daisy, Meg is mom to Jack Henry, 16. Her new film, The Women, is in theaters now.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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